RPGaDay2020 is coming. The prompts are now out – see Autocratik’s post here and Runeslinger’s post here – and I’m planning on participating for my third year. One post for every day in August…can I keep up? I started RPGaDay2018 part-way through, and managed about half of the prompts. I managed to finish RPGaDay2019, and what’s more, managed to do it in August. Can I do the same in 2020?

Like in 2019, the prompts are single words rather than questions, leaving more flexibility in interpretation – which I definitely liked. The full list of prompts are in the graphic, but I list them below as well. As the month progresses, I’ll try to keep updating this post with the links to the articles.

RPGaDay2020 graphic
  1. Beginning
  2. Change
  3. Thread   
  4. Vision
  5. Tribute
  6. Forest
  7. Couple
  8. Shade
  9. Light
  10. Want
  11. Stack
  12. Message
  13. Rest
  14. Banner
  15. Frame
  16. Dramatic
  17. Comfort   
  18. Meet
  19. Tower
  20. Investigate    
  21. Push    
  22. Rare
  23. Edge
  24. Humour
  25. Lever
  26. Strange
  27. Favour
  28. Close
  29. Ride
  30. Portal
  31. Experience

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