D&D Gamesmaster Resources

As I prepare for my games, I develop situations and backgrounds and characters for the sessions and modules I'm going to run. I realise these may be useful to others as well, so this section is a collection of mini-modules and encounters I have prepared which you are welcome to use, crib off, use as … Continue reading D&D Gamesmaster Resources

#RPGaDay2018: Day 13 – Describe how your play has evolved

It is still August, right? No? Oh well, I've started, so I'll finish... Well, I've had plenty of time for my play style to evolve, but my "play" has always been as a DM. I started in the early 80s as a teenager with the Basic set, quickly expanded to include Expert, Companion, Master and … Continue reading #RPGaDay2018: Day 13 – Describe how your play has evolved

#RPGaDay2018: Day 9 – How has a game surprised you?

Part of https://www.facebook.com/RPGaDAY/ I've got two different answers here. For the first one - my first session with the group I dropped in the swamp really surprised me because they were so much more interactive than any other groups I've experienced before. They were talking to the NPCs, asking questions, interacting. A couple of them even … Continue reading #RPGaDay2018: Day 9 – How has a game surprised you?