When did random encounters become unplanned battles?

In Always Tell me the Odds: Redesigning Random Encounters, The Angry GM highlights something which has struck me since returning to the D&D scene after a break of 25 years. Back when I started, wandering monsters were random encounters which might or might not lead to a fight. The Basic Dungeon Master's Rulebook contained reaction … Continue reading When did random encounters become unplanned battles?

HotDQ – raider camp encounters

These are a set of encounters I created to flesh out the raiders' camp in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Thanks to Slyflourish (Mike Shea) for inspiration with his version. Encounters: The Banshee Cougars A sharp set of 15 mercenaries in black leather jackets and trousers sitting on boxes around a camp fire between four … Continue reading HotDQ – raider camp encounters

D&D Gamesmaster Resources

As I prepare for my games, I develop situations and backgrounds and characters for the sessions and modules I'm going to run. I realise these may be useful to others as well, so this section is a collection of mini-modules and encounters I have prepared which you are welcome to use, crib off, use as … Continue reading D&D Gamesmaster Resources