When did random encounters become unplanned battles?

In Always Tell me the Odds: Redesigning Random Encounters, The Angry GM highlights something which has struck me since returning to the D&D scene after a break of 25 years. Back when I started, wandering monsters were random encounters which might or might not lead to a fight. The Basic Dungeon Master's Rulebook contained reaction … Continue reading When did random encounters become unplanned battles?

Preparing with situations and characters

How do you cope with the fact that players can do anything? Your carefully laid plans get ruined by the players reacting in a way you don't expect. I've had a couple of near TPKs as a result of thinking things through too carefully in terms of a particular approach from the players and not … Continue reading Preparing with situations and characters

HotDQ – raider camp encounters

These are a set of encounters I created to flesh out the raiders' camp in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Thanks to Slyflourish (Mike Shea) for inspiration with his version. Encounters: The Banshee Cougars A sharp set of 15 mercenaries in black leather jackets and trousers sitting on boxes around a camp fire between four … Continue reading HotDQ – raider camp encounters

D&D Gamesmaster Resources

As I prepare for my games, I develop situations and backgrounds and characters for the sessions and modules I'm going to run. I realise these may be useful to others as well, so this section is a collection of mini-modules and encounters I have prepared which you are welcome to use, crib off, use as … Continue reading D&D Gamesmaster Resources